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His name is unavoidable on an almost daily basis, with his tweets being misspelled to his actions as a president making daily news. Trump is a noise that is not dying out. The rally cries of the people who want to be heard make Donald Trump, the most talked about person in recent history. 

The 45th president of the United States of America; having won the election back in November has constantly been criticised by a large population. In different parts of the world, people are coming together to bring Trump down. 

What is forgotten is that Trump was voted by a majority of America just like it is done all the time. People complain and they move on. So the question is; why is Trump different? What makes Trump so special that he deserves the extra attention for so long? The truth is, people can’t accept him being in charge of a country with such a big influence. It drives people crazy that someone without the political experience, with such ideas can come to power and do as he pleases.

To some in a time of need, he seems like a solution and that is key to how Trump came to power. People from outside of that section however; are fighting for what they want. Publications also, join in on the fight to bring Trump down, society will not stop complaining until it happens… or they get tired.

Of course this action takes place all over the world but I’m a low budget journalist so you’ll have to settle on the events in London. From Piccadilly you can see the march already going on and a crowd of people in high spirits. Starting at the US embassy, the public joined together with their signs held high and a path to follow. A crowd of people began to look like the sea, going on for miles and almost never ending in sight. 

Nasty woman and proud, Trump is a fart. A mere glimpse into the type of signs used to protest against Trump. Mr Trump is ridiculed by the public in a comical way, because in the end, all you can do is laugh, right? The thought that Trump came into power has people enraged. 

The diversification showed through, women of all ages and from so many different walks of life as well as men proudly participating in support. The signs held high above heads were a creative, funny and intelligent way to tackle the problem. Who is better to do this than the future generation; kids who will remember the reign of Trump… Possibly. ‘If Trump was in my class he’d be in time out’ and ‘I’m three and I know better’. It had a family friendly feeling which showed how important this was for everyone there.

The march begins to feel even bigger, you are a part of something as it progresses through to Trafalgar Square. 

If you asked me to give up my weekend, I’d usually tell you to put it where the sun don’t shine but this is important. The chance to change history, to protest and say no, this isn’t okay. Politics can be really gloomy sure, but to have a day when so many people show that they care, it fills them with hope for the future.

The sheer size of the march produced a mass of noise which drowned out the voices of the speakers. Parts of the public unaware of the protest began complaining about the rally; the sheer irony that the point of a protest is to be disruptive to gain people’s attention. Protesting is valued, standing up for what you believe in, let the people speak and send a message that women’s rights are important; they are worth defending.

All of this can happen and possibly nothing will change. Do we see our society carrying on protesting until this change happens when it won’t? Only time will tell. Think of the protests as a way of people standing together, for their mutual opinion. With all of the media covering Trump, it is hard to tell what will happen, people will continue fighting until they get what they want. Will we see a premature end to Trump?